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Spanish - English - Spanish translation for your business

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I am a professional translator with over 20 years of experience, specialising in business and finance. I have translated documents and reports for some of Spain's top banks and leading blue chip companies, including mandatory regulatory information, financial statements, marketing material and press releases. I am reliable,  accurate and fast. Contact me directly for a quote or to discuss how I can help you with your company's project.    

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No, I'm not a robot












Don't entrust your company's image to a machine

Hire a person, not a robot


“There’s no fundamental reason that machines might not someday succeed smashingly in translating jokes, puns, screenplays, novels, poems, and, of course, essays like this one. But all that will come about only when machines are as filled with ideas, emotions, and experiences as human beings are. And that’s not around the corner. Indeed, I believe it is still extremely far away.” DOUGLAS HOFSTADTER “The Shallowness of Google Translate”  - The Atlantic.














But embrace technology, when it is useful.

I routinely use CAT tools (such as SDL Studio, MemoQ or Swordfish by Maxprograms) to ensure translation quality and consistency, to streamline the process of managing translation projects (including performing detailed word counts) and to develop client-specific terminology databases and glossaries for future use in their projects. Over time, this is a way to ensure that clients' preferred terminology, usages and quirks of style are properly reflected in all their translated documentation. Client feedback is vital to this process. I view any translation project as a team effort aimed at producing the most polished end product possible.

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We have worked with Kate for close to 20 years and are delighted to be able to rely on her services. Her work is of a very high standard and she is reliable, diligent and professional. Kate is an essential component of our team.


At Zesauro, we've been working with Kate for more than 13 years and couldn't be more delighted. She never fails to deliver, in terms of either quality or deadlines. She's always willing to go that extra mile, and is charming to deal with. Kate, it's an absolute pleasure to work with you! 


Ever since Kate began collaborating with Polidioma almost two decades ago, our opinion of the professional standard of her work and of view her worth as an individual have only improved. Thanks, Kate, for your cooperation. It’s a luxury to be able to count on you.


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Contact Me  |  Tel: ++ 34 636 683 677

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